Surrealism Influence

Assignment:  Execute a painting using surrealism ideology.

Surrealism Definition:  “20th C literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the working of the subconscious by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition [the act of placing 2 or more things side by side] of subject matter.” (from webmuseumparis).  Images have a realistic though irrational style.

 Brief History of Surrealism:  Surrealism grew out of the DADA movement, specifically during the years 1924-1950.  DADA used mostly negative imagery in an attempt to rebel against traditional art, the bourgeois, and war (WWI).  Surrealism used the same type of subconscious imagery but as a positive expression of dream and fantasy with no attempt at logic.  Founded by Andre Breton (wrote “Manifesto of Surrealism”).  Only art produced between 1924-1950 is considered Surrealism by museums.

 Some Artists of the Movement:  Max Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico, Jean Arp, Man Ray, Joan Miro, Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Miro, Duchamp, Delvaux, Giacometti.

Ideas for the Assignment:

  1. Paint images from your own dreams.
  2. Paint images from your day dreams.
  3. Copy the work of an existing surrealistic painter.
  4. Copy the composition of a existing painting, interjecting your own images.
  5. Paint images from experiences happening in the news/world.
  6. Paint objects as symbols of emotions/experience.
  7. Paint still life (fruit, china, etc) in a nonsensical way.
  8. Paint images from your childhood/past with fantasy elements.
Surrealism Painting of 'Maternity" by Ginger Dean

“Maternity” by Ginger Dea