Art Club Assignments

2005:  Drapery StudyHand Study4 Hues of Blue

2006: Surrealism InfluenceEn Plein AirFast and Slow PantingExhibit Notes from ‘Slow Painting’

2007:  Still Life With Eggs, Symbolic Painting,  Seascape, Romanticism

2008:  Flame and Reflection, Winter Landscape, Limited Palette: 4 Hues + White

2009:  Ornamentation as a Border for a Painting, Animal Painting

2010:  Painting Miniatures

2011:  Hudson River School Elements

2012:  Share Your Personal Projects

2013:  Painting from Statuary, Reflective Metallic Surfaces

Future Assignments to be Considered:  Color Harmony, Creating Depth with Contrast, Landscape Simplified, The Golden Section